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Is community college in your future? It’s time to register for next semester. If you don’t have a degree yet, community college is a highly worthy and cost effective way to begin your educational journey. If you already have a degree, even an advanced one, recent community college coursework demonstrates you are a life-long learner. What about Advanced Excel? Videography Basics? A recent client got a great job when the recruiter noted her two recent courses in video production. Those two courses proved to be a unique differentiator and highly useful in new job.

Two Simple Words Can Help Tech Diversify https://medium.com/art-marketing/open-letter-to-big-tech-two-simple-words-can-help-you-diversify-4b02613d9cf0#.nfegl4g17

This story was originally published on Medium. Dear Big Tech, Let’s face it, you have a diversity problem. To be clear, I’m not writing this (heartfelt) open letter to criticize you…

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