Two Job Offers

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Great! You have one offer in hand and another prospect progressing after a first interview. It’s hard to know what to do when the latter is the job you want. Consider:
1) immediately reconnect with your preferred choice by VM or email – if you can’t reach a person,
2) state that you respect their employment timeline and realize it may still take time on their end,
3) affirm their opportunity is unquestionably your first choice,
4) tell them you now have another offer in hand that needs a response by early next week, and
5) ask for their thoughts as to how they might suggest you proceed.

If you do reach a person, pay attention to your tone of voice so that he/she hears a smile and ease in your voice. This type of conversation can unintentionally sound a bit too directive or demanding.

Once you do so, we can strategize from there. YES, using this approach we have seen additional offers expedited.

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