Who is The Job Dog?

Nick A. Synko (a.k.a. “Max” or “The Job Dog”) is the founder of a career, executive coaching and outplacement services firm (Synko Associates, LLC) located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His current clients include veterans, recent college graduates and mid-level professionals and executives changing jobs or considering a career transition.

Nick is the author of multiple publications and training programs in the areas of leadership and organizational performance. His Human Resources career ranges from single sites to corporate offices in four Fortune 500 companies.

Along with The Job Dog “kennel” of coaches and editors, Nick created TheJobDog.com website to help level the playing field and reduce the anxiety of a job search.

A headshot of Nick A. Synko.
Nick A. Synko

What’s everybody barking about?

Below are a handful of testimonials from The Job Dog’s career coaching clients.*

  • "The skills that The Job Dog teaches are invaluable to any dedicated professional. I could additionally see the benefit to 9-12 grade students discerning their future choices. Anyone who is serious about their career should take advantage of his services."

    Christopher S. Headmaster
  • "As a communications professional, I have worked with several outstanding writers. As my career made a transition in 2014, I honestly did not expect to find the level of professional communications skills that I did within The Job Dog's career coaching firm. The Job Dog is an innovative career coach and professional writer who expertly helped me manage and optimize the process of my transition."

    Tom K. Director of Member Services
  • "I can't overstate how helpful The Job Dog has been to me in working through my career transition. He helped me to see myself in an objective light, discover some hidden talents, and learn how to express my strengths - and what makes me unique - to recruiters."

    Brad S. Project Management
  • "I can say with great confidence that had I not used The Job Dog's services, I would not have been offered my dream job. Prior to working with The Job Dog team, I had had four interviews for full-time actuarial positions and had not received a single offer. However, after just a few sessions of working on my interviewing skills, I received an offer after my first subsequent interview!"

    Connor T. Actuarial
  • "The Job Dog is a total pro. He and The Job Dog team stepped into to help our company as operations were being transferred out of state. TJD understands what works to help clients identify and embrace their own strengths. The end result of his work was prepared highly motivated highly focused clients. Every one of the 9 people in our company who used The Job Dog’s services learned a ton about themselves and what they bring to the marketplace."

    Edward W. Controller / CFO
  • "The Job Dog is one of the best coaches I've ever worked with: he's great in capturing what is relevant for the task at hands and then to push you both in the details to execute and to think about an alternative plan, using a more creative approach. His well-tested approach to unearth your hidden talents is structured but flexible."

    Alberto E. CEO

*Testimonials on this website represent The Job Dog’s coaching expertise in one-to-one coaching sessions.

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