33 Tips to Point You to Career Success

The Job Dog’s 33 Career Tips below will help you get started, establish your brand, develop hard-hitting resumes and cover letters, and much more. Here’s how they work…

Each of our 33 Career Tips contains:

  1. An audio introduction (Listen on the go!)
  2. Instructional text
  3. An action checkpoint

If it’s time to optimize your chances of success, we recommend you start at the beginning with Career Tip 1. It is the process of working your way through all of our Career Tips that establishes a winning strategy. If you are looking for help with a specific topic, we have broken the Tips down into seven categories (i.e., resumes, references, networking, etc.).

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” – Mark Twain

Get Started

Career Tips 1 through 5 – There are just a few initial steps necessary to get your job search started the right way. Working through these five Tips builds the foundation for job search success.

Create Your Brand

Career Tips 6 through 9 – Should there be consistent messages in your resume? In your cover letters? When networking? That’s your brand. Work through these four Tips to learn how. Easily.

Resumes & Cover Letters

Career Tips 10 through 14 – Here is what professional Career Coaches do to make you highly marketable. Work through these five Tips for a lightning strike of resume and cover letter energy.

Reference Power

Career Tips 15 through 17 – Work through these three Tips to learn how to use references early in your job search. Q. What names should be at the top of your networking list? A. Your references.

Get a Job

Career Tips 18 through 23 – Have you heard that 50% of the potential market is hidden? Work through these six Tips to learn how to find the many-many jobs that never make it to the job boards.

Networking Secrets

Career Tips 24 through 28 – Are you networking? Work through these five Tips and you will find that networking is not about bothering family and friends. It’s about letting people who want to help – do so.

Interview Wow

Career Tips 29 through 33 – Wouldn’t it be foolish to receive an interview invitation and not be prepared to do your best? Work through these five Tips and be prepared to Win the Day!

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