Career Tip 31: Be Prepared – Predictable Interview Questions

Predictable Interview Questions.

A well-written resume is actually the first step in answering predictable interview questions.

  • If your resume is working for you, then let’s move forward and prepare you for interview questions that The Job Dog knows are highly predictable.
  • If your resume is not getting you interviews, working through the following questions is a productive step toward developing information that improves your resume.

It is straightforward. If you know what an interviewer will ask, then weave those answers into your resume. This Tip ensures you are highly prepared—on paper, with your resume—and in person for interviews.


After using this Tip, a recent client told The Job Dog that his new boss said he got the job because his interview answers were light years ahead of other candidates. Be Good. Be GREAT. DO IT!


  1. Discuss your answers with people who are qualified to offer productive feedback. Having multiple conversations about your answers will further clarify your thoughts and prepare you for upcoming interviews.
  2. Next, take another look at your resume. Do your answers to these questions contain information that you want to include in your resume?

ALWAYS a Winning Tip: Numerous clients attest to the significant value of adding a visual management tool to their career transition process. Post your answers on flip-chart paper. This tool is especially valuable should the phone ring and a recruiter say, “Dog, tell me about yourself. What are you good at? Guarding? Hunting? Fetching?”

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