Career Tip 2: Work Harder – Maximizing Efforts for Maximized Success

Maximizing Efforts for Maximized Success.

In The Job Dog’s first book, it spoke to the misconception of what it takes to be successful. There seems to be an unfounded belief that those with natural advantages or genetic gifts are the ones who become successful. (Think LeBron James or even a German Shepard.) For people who believe success is the result of a person’s natural advantages, the formula for success is easy:

Advantages = Level of Success

Many of us see ourselves as average, and so we expect some measure of average success. Isn’t true. (GROOOWL…)

What you will discover if you talk to anyone who has had a measurable amount of success is that the difference that got them beyond average, and for some, to the top of their field, was simply plain hard work. Not what you wanted to hear? Sorry, the real formula for success is:

Same Advantages X Harder Work = More Success

Let’s define hard work. It may be working longer, it may mean taking extra classes, getting a certification, or reaching beyond what is comfortable for your personality type. Hard work is the multiplier that creates more success. The Job Dog’s team sees it all the time. Stretching limits and working harder and smarter than everyone else is the single most important factor we’ve observed in clients who achieve their career goals.

A Winning Tip

Therefore, at the beginning of your job search, it is critical to be honest with yourself and ask, “What am I willing to put into my search to find a great opportunity?”

Then, review your recent activities. Are any of your expectations reflected below?

  • Can’t I just expect that creating a solid resume is all I need to do to find a new job?
  • Can’t I just send out a couple of resumes each week?
  • Can’t I expect the Internet to provide all the leads in my search?
  • Can’t I skip customizing my resume or developing a unique cover letter?
  • Can’t I keep a low profile until I find a new job – then I can reconnect with my friends.
  • Isn’t there a minimalistic approach to maximizing my next career move?

Aren’t such thoughts akin to buying a lottery ticket and expecting to win millions? Or an opportunity appearing out of nowhere? It could happen, but the odds aren’t very good.

Questions to Ask

  • How can I find jobs that aren’t yet posted?
  • How can I make networking connections to ensure my resume is reviewed?
  • How can I prepare for an interview more completely than ever before?
  • How can I do more than anyone else so I stand out in the pool of candidates?
  • How can I…

Take control and think of the possibilities. Get out there and maximize your job hunt. Maximize your search by reading and listening to all the Tips. Maximized Efforts Equals Maximized Success. Now you know why The Job Dog’s name is “Max.”

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